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WEDNESDAY 2.14.2018

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in the age of dating apps and social media, lets be real…

while its nice to have muscle ups and clean and jerks, at the end of the day if people are swiping left, you don’t have a chance

Lets work on that body with these 2 WODS and increase your odds of them swiping right so next year you aren’t spending Valentines Day with your 3 cats
“Beach Body” 

Bench Press 135/95

Bicep Curls 65/45

Weighted it Ups 45/25

250m row before each triplet of
bench/biceps/sit ups
rest 2 minutes before next wod
“Booty Builder” 

Single Leg RDL 95/65

Lunge 45/25

Inch Worm/Knee Tuck on Rower

250m row before each triplet of rdl/lunge/inch worm