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The System Works. Do You?

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Over the years I have trained thousands of people. Martial Arts, one on one training, small group, kettlebell and CrossFit.

I’ve watched amazing results happen.

I’ve also seen people fail to achieve their goals.

Notice I said that I’ve seen people, not systems, fail.

There is a distinction to be made here.

The SYSTEMS have not failed to yield the results.

Think about this for a moment.

If it isn’t the system, the methodology, the training, the coach or the gym that has failed, then what has it been?

Personal accountability. Honesty. Integrity.

Are YOU doing what you are supposed to be doing?

If you went to Harvard and didn’t get an education because you didn’t pay attention in lectures and didn’t study, whose fault is it?

If you go to the gym and don’t apply yourself, lie to yourself when you say you’ve pushed yourself hard and eat and drink whatever you want, then whose fault is it?

If you leave Harvard and go to Columbia and do the same thing, you’ll get the same results.

Leave the gym you currently train at and join another and do the same thing….you’ll get the same results, or lack thereof.

It’s easier to blame the university, the professors, or the gym, training and the coach than it is to take responsibility for your failures.

It is much harder to take that long hard look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

So, now the harder questions.


Are you willing to do what it takes to get the results you want?

Are you willing to change your diet and eating habits?

Are you willing to stop drinking more than you should?

Are you willing to push yourself a bit harder?


It is up to you to follow through.

The systems have been proven to work.

Now it is your turn to do the work as well.