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Take a look at these results !!!

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If you’ve been coming in and working out over the past several months, you’ve heard me talk about and extol the benefits of following a macro/paleo diet as well as following the programming here at CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen.

If you’ve seen my Instagram posts of late, the leanness and mass I’ve been able to maintain are a result of a combination of things; a 40 carb/30 protein/30 fat, paleo meal plan as well a 5X a week workouts.

I eat almost exclusively Kettlebell Kitchen and tell people I eat 100% Paleo 90% of the time, while hitting my macros daily, regardless.

All of this looks great on the surface, I’m lean and holding a decent amount of mass as well as strength.

However, more importantly is what is going on under the surface, in regards to my recent bloodwork and cholesterol levels.

Here is a comparison of bloodwork from about a year ago to now.




  7-2016 8-2017 change
CHOLESTEROL 237 199 –  38 points
TRIGLYCERIDES 117 67 –  50 points
HDL CHOLESTEROL 51 64 + 13 points
VLDL CHOLESTEROL 23 13 – 10 points
LDL CHOLESTEROL 163 122 – 41 points



This is an absolutely amazing change. My overall level dropped 38 points due to simple food changes and getting back to working out again.

My triglycerides, which cause thickening of the arteries, heart attacks and heart disease, dropped 50 points.

My HDL cholesterol, which is “good” cholesterol as it picks up excess cholesterol in the blood, and takes it to the liver where it is broken down, went up 13 points to over a “desirable” range.

My LDL cholesterol which is “bad” cholesterol because it builds up in the walls of the arteries, and makes them hard and narrow dropped 41 points making it near optimal.



My VLDL cholesterol, the type that deposits plaque on artery walls, dropped almost by half.

So, while the aesthetic benefits and being ripped up, lean with a 6 pack is great, getting healthy from diet and exercise is the greatest benefit you could get from it.

I highly recommend Kettlebell Kitchen as a great alternative to ordering out. If you aren’t a good cook, don’t have time or kitchen space to adequately cook, they are one of the healthiest options you can utilize.

I also recommend using the “My Fitness Pal” app. You can log your food, count your macros, and keep yourself accountable as well.

Of course, working out 4-5 days a week along with these is key to attaining not only the aesthetic goals you may have, but also making sure you are healthy enough to enjoy the benefits as well.

I did, and look at the results I have gotten, I’m lean and healthy and am looking forward to becoming better as time goes on.