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  • Crossfit Hell’s Kitchen is the type of gym …..

    In fast-paced, nobody has time for anything New York City, Crossfit Hell’s Kitchen is the type of gym where within a few weeks you have developed camaraderie, have gotten your a** kicked in the best of ways and have challenged yourself to new levels. By that I mean you are being challenged not only by head coach Anthony (who’s obvious passion and dedication push him to coach way more classes than any owner/head coach you’ll ever see), but also by other members, who all together form an inclusive, diverse network of gym/box-goers. Also, coming from an athlete background, with strengths and weaknesses and specific professional goals, CFHK is the type of facility where you can challenge any and all aspects of your fitness, from the more technical ones (lots of much needed attention put into correct olympic lifting technique) to strength and conditioning (these guys can throw some weight)- Lorenzo Pozzan


  • The training atmosphere is great!

    This is one of the most space efficient boxes I have ever attended. The training atmosphere is great. The programming is well thought and science based. Every piece of equipment imaginable is housed here.- C Lilakos

  • Definitely recommend this gym.

    This gym is the best! Awesome programming and coaches. The WODs are always great but the strength routines at this gym are excellent. All the coaches are knowledgable and actually come around and correct your form when needed unlike some other boxes I’ve been to. Good facility with plenty of equipment and space. And to top it all off everyone is really friendly and nice here. Definitely recommend this gym.- Phillip Schaffer

  • The people are great, supportive and motivating

    For fitness enthusiasts, this is worth checking out. The people are great, supportive and motivating, and the programming is varied and dynamic. Every week has been different in the year that I have participated. My benchmark for comparison is another, larger-scale crossfit box in NYC, as well as probably 5 or 6 other crossfit gyms I have visited across the US. The head coach here does a great job with everything from training and programming to creating a great environment. -Shadie Andraos

  • Pull the trigger and give it a trial month.

    The facts:

    – Committed owners and coaches, with first class equipment

    – Versatile programming with amazing class schedule that’s as dedicated to strength as it is traditional CrossFit metcons

    – 3mo I’ve dropped 30+ lbs going ~3x/week and being sensible with but liberal with diet

    Women to men and novice to advanced….everyone I’ve seen come has a great time and the programming fits like a glove.

    If you’re even mildly considering the idea, pull the trigger and give it a trial month.- Jonathan B

  • Good equipment, clean facility

    Dropped in for open gym to do the Wodapalooza ’17 WOD 5. Anthony, the owner, was very hospitable, and the coaches and members were very friendly. Good equipment, clean facility. I definitely recommend dropping in when you are visiting New York city.- Michael M

  • What a great gym!

    What a great gym! I was in town and just dropped in without knowing to sign up online before. The owner/coach Anthony was in the middle of running a huge class but still made the time to talk to my friend and I and let us know he would be able to get us in the class. Anthony made us feel very welcome to the class and incorporated us into his regular members with ease and fluidity.

    – Hugh B

  • You’ve got to try Crossfit Hell’s Kitchen

    If you’re a Crossfitter looking for a drop-in place or someone looking to get in long-term shape, you’ve got to try Crossfit Hell’s Kitchen and introduce yourself to Anthony!- Paul H


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