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SATURDAY 5.12.2018

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Ring around the PVC
Snatch Warm Up Pull with Position Holds
Pull to below knee
Pull to above knee
Pull to high hang over
Pull to high hang vertical

hold for 3 count at each position

5 reps empty bar
Snatch High Pull + Hi Hang Vertical Snatch
8-10 reps
Alternating Hang Snatch and Double Under EMOM
5 Hang power snatches from hi hang vertical

Start at @ 50% of 1RM and increase

20 Double-Unders

12 Minute EMOM
Down the Hatch…Up the River
In teams of 2 Complete the following movements and reps:

1 side at at time works, each partner must complete all reps before moving on to the next movement

10 Burpee
10 Pull Up
10 KB Swing (32/24)


9 Burpees
9 Pull Ups
9 KB Swings


8 Burpees
8 Pull Ups
8 KB Swings

Down to 1…..

Then Back Up to 10