Rules & Policies

In order to maintain a safe, fun, and effective training environment for everyone, we ask that all members, visitors and guests adhere to the following rules and policies:

General Policies:

  • Leave your ego at the door.
  • Respect each other and the equipment.
  • Always sign in at the front desk and always track your workouts in Wodify.
  • Do not walk behind the front desk. Speak to a coach if you need assistance.
  • Avoid walking where people are exercising.
  • Hang out upstairs until your class begins.
  • Do not touch the sound/music controls and do not touch the Spotify software. Ask a coach if you need assistance.
  • Return all equipment neatly where you found it. This includes all bands.
  • Do not take chalk out of the buckets. Clean up your chalk dust and DNA if it gets on the floors or equipment.
  • Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave towels, water bottles, etc. on the floor.
  • Do NOT write on the walls. Ever.
  • Keep the locker rooms clean. No loose belongings on the floors, counters or in lockers overnight. And take dirty clothes home.
  • Mobilize daily and don’t ignore your injuries.
  • You must do “Birthday Burpees” on your birthday (one for each year old you are +1 for good luck).

Dropping Weights:

  • You CANNOT drop weights in the upstairs area. Period. The floor structure was not built to handle this.
  • You CANNOT drop kettlebells, except if you have to bail (for safety).
  • You CAN drop weights only on the 6″ Rogue Pads.
  • You CAN drop weights when working with max sets. Drop on the 6″ Rogue Pads.
  • You CAN drop weights any time you get in trouble and have to bail (for safety).
  • All other times you should NOT drop weights (i.e., WODs). Instead, control the weight down and lower it to the floor (thus be sure to choose your weights accordingly). We are lucky enough to be able to drop weights when we have to, so please don’t abuse this privilege.

Why We Restrict Dropping Weights: There are a couple of reasons. First, when it comes to dropping weight, there is a fundamental difference between the world of weightlifting and what we do in CrossFit. Because of this difference, we allow you to drop weights when working with max weights, but not at other times, such as during WODs. No matter how cool it may seem to drop that last rep on Fran (or the first rep for some), we are not concerned with how cool people look. We are concerned with increasing our athletes’ strength and efficiency, which in turn enables them to finish WODs faster and with heavier weights. In short, when training at the box, focus on building strength (which includes the eccentric lowering of weights) and on efficiency with weight…and save the dropping of weights in WODs for competitions. Secondly, we are lucky to be able to drop weights when we have to, but we still have neighbors. Many boxes in NYC have or have had issues with complaints from neighbors and there is always a risk that complaints may jeopardize the business. For all of us who call CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen home, we can’t afford to put our home at risk. So, again, please make every effort to not abuse the privilege of dropping weights.

Working Out Outside of Classes: CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen is proud to offer an extensive block of “Open Gym” time 5-6 days a week for its members. You may use this time to workout on your own (e.g., catch up on a WOD, work on weaknesses, etc.). Check our schedule for a current listing of Open Gym times. Finally, you may workout in the upstairs area provided it is not during a Beginner class and provided that you do not drop weights (see above on dropping weights). Please note that you may not workout (or hangout) in the downstairs class area when classes are in session.

Rx, Rx+, and Range of Motion (ROM): Exercises completed “as prescribed” are signified by an “Rx.” To do a workout Rx you must do the exact movements listed, use the prescribed weight for men and women (as appropriate), and use the prescribed range of motion (i.e., all pull-ups with full extension of the arms at the bottom). Range of Motion is always considered when determining Rx. Some workouts can be completed as Rx+. Rx+ has all the requirements of Rx, except the weight used and/or reps/rounds performed are more than prescribed.