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On Wednesday, as many of you know, I took a trip to the ER. While this isn’t the first trip I’ve taken there (I should have a rewards card from NYU) it will hopefully be the last.

Since many people have shown concern for my well being and curious as to why, I thought I’d share the story.

On Tuesday I slightly strained my right calf muscle. Based on testing I pretty much determined it was the soleus muscle, one of 2 muscles which make up the calf.

That night however I noticed my lower leg slightly swollen. Since I spend 18 hours a day on my feet, having swollen feet or ankles isn’t uncommon, however this time, it was only on the right side.

Wednesday morning it was still swollen. I knew it could be one of three things.

  1. Strained calf muscle and too many hours on my feet.

2. Compartment syndrome

3. DVT

I asked one of the members, who happens to be a Dr to look at it. He confirmed it wasn’t compartment syndrome. The likelihood of a DVT was minimal due to the fact I haven’t traveled recently, am not a smoker, nor am I sedentary, but he told me I should get it looked at anyhow.

I called my primary care physician and made an appt.

An hour late I get a call from the nurse. She was extremely concerned that I have a DVT and pleads with me to go to the ER immediately. I explain to her the signs and symptoms and how I just wanted an office visit to get an ultrasound and 100% rule it out. I tell her that I am zero risk etc….

She talks to the Dr who must have been more worried about malpractice and didn’t take into account I am a zero risk for DVT and also agrees I should go to the ER.

She then tells me not to walk there, don’t take the subway as walking down the stairs could dislodge the nonexistent potential DVT. Again I tell her that I already did the WOD in the morning,and if it was there or going to dislodge I would be dead already.

Still she pleads with me to go.

I hang up with her and mull it over.

In the end, begrudgingly I go.

And I was right.


Calf strain. Too many hours in my feet. Resulting in lower leg swelling.

That’s my story….