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WEDNESDAY 3.28.2018

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STAMINA CONNECTIVITY Fast Eddies Ab Routine 25 sit-ups25 4-count flutter kicks25 sit-ups25 leg raises25 sit-ups25 Hello Dolly's25 sit-ups25 crunches25 sit-ups25 twists25 sit-ups25 4-count flutter kicks METCON 5 Rounds of:ME Deadlift 0:30Rest 0:15ME Hang Cleans 0:30rest 0:15Shoulder to Overhead 0:30rest 0:15REST 1 MINUTE5 Minute AMRAP of:5 Burpees10 Box Jumps50 Double UndersREST…

FRIDAY 3.23.2018

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STRONG Weightlifting Snatch Take the 30 minutes and build to a heavy single.Split/Power or Squat. Your choice. METCON-BURN CONNECTIVITY Faster Eddies 0:30 max effort each movementsit-ups4-count flutter kickssit-upsleg raisesit-upsHello Dolly'ssit-upscrunchessit-upstwistssit-ups4-count flutter kicks MOBILITY These mobility drills are designed to give you better shoulder/thoracic mobility to help chest to bar pullups…