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99 Days till Summer!

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With the arrival of spring (yes, I know, I’m being overly hopeful) there will be a slight shift in programming to get everyone in better shape for SUMMA-TIME!!!!!

Summer will show up, sooner than you think, I’ve been telling you guys this for months now, and, yes, it will be here.

More squatting (no one likes chicken legs).

More benching (and, benching is not just a “Jersey Shore” thing) ¬†think automatic push up bra ladies!

More abs. Pretty self explanatory when you get into that swimsuit.

And, MetCons that will burn your fat into oblivion!

The only problem is that you can come in, do all the hard work in here, see how many calories you are burning from the HR monitors, but then if you still eat like crap, you’ll still look like crap.

It isn’t about dieting.

It IS about changing some of your lifestyle habits.

We have 99 days till Memorial Day.

In the next 99 days, you can either tighten up your food habits and be in better shape, leaner and ready for summer, or, the 99 days will go by regardless of what you do and you’ll either be ready for summer or not.¬†

AGAIN, re-read this:

The 99 days will go by regardless of what you do.


Over the next 99 days a lot of change can happen, but only if you change what’s happening.

Here are some things for you to do to facilitate change.

  1. If you drink alcohol.


It’s 99 days. If you cannot go for 99 days without drinking….well, you know and I know what that means.

If you do continue to drink, do so in moderation. NO BEER. Drink less sugary drinks. Rum and DIET coke. Switch to tequila (it is paleo). Ciroc Vodka paleo as well. Here is a chart with some alcohol and sugar content of each:

2. Paleo. Macro. Macro-paleo. Whatever works. Start doing 1 meal a day cutting out the processed food. Do this for 2 weeks. It isn’t that hard. Over the next 2 weeks add another meal. After those 2 weeks, go full on.

3.Little things.

A-Cut out sugar and milk from your coffee in the morning. Use almond milk instead of dairy. Or go black. You’ll never go back ( to milk and sugar that is…)

B-Eat some protein first thing in the morning. Hard boiled egg. Protein bar. Greek yogurt (yes, I still eat Greek Yogurt).

C-Drink more water. Many times you think you are hungry when you are actually thirsty.

D-Craving sugar or sweets. Have a piece of fruit. An apple with sunflower nut butter is one of my favorites.


The next 99 days will go by faster than you know it.

And when it does, you can either be ready for summer or not. It really is up to you though.

Doing all the hard work here and not seeing the results is just crazy.

And, no, cool sculpting in NOT an option either…..