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Nutrition is the foundation of health and fitness. Regardless of your goals, how you fuel your body is a major contributory factor in achieving them. But where should you start? Understanding and developing consistent quality food choices and eating behaviors are the first steps.

Nutrition Challenge Goal: The goal of this challenge is to learn the fundamentals of developing a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and apply these learned principles on a regular basis in order to optimize your body composition and energy levels.

Cost: The cost for the challenge will be $49 per participant. You can join by registering on CFHK’s MindBody system here:



Prizes will be awarded to the top female and male participant in the challenge.

Challenge Structure: Over the course of 8 weeks, you will track eating habits and lifestyle factors that promote healthy living. You will accrue points for daily and weekly activities. Points can only be gained in this challenge. There will be no negative points or loss of points in this challenge; you simply won’t be rewarded for non-beneficial activities. The aim of this challenge is to promote a positive mindset, which is key for long-term success.

Challenge Tracking: Official tracking of all challenge data will be managed by Coach Hayden using weekly SurveyMonkey surveys. However, on a daily basis you will need a notebook to keep track of each challenge activity that may grant you points. When the weekly survey is emailed to you, look back at your notebook and mark off your activities in the survey to earn points. Standings will be posted to the CFHK Facebook Group after each week’s points are tallied.

Additional Point Structure Information: Below are more expanded explanations of what certain point items require in order for credit to be given.

Training at CFHK: We want you to stay active and engaged with your CFHK family, so you can claim 2 points per day for a maximum of 5 days per week (rest is important) by taking a class at CFHK and burning at least 500 calories (be sure to wear your HR monitor!).

Eating a Whole Food Meal (or Snack): The simple definition is any meal (ignoring beverages) comprised of any combination of meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, and starches (i.e., potatoes, rice). If you make your meals yourself this will be fairly straight forward, but if you are eating out, things may get tricky. In these cases, avoid foods that have too many ingredients, are advertised on television, will never rot (or will take a long time to rot), etc. In essence, to get credit for a whole food meal, the ingredients must not be processed.
“Processed” food can mean different things to different people. Technically, if you boil an egg or roll out some oats, you have processed your food. For this challenge we are treating processed foods as those foods which have undergone substantial modification and/or have been paired with additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients. Therefore, rolled oats are fine, but instant oatmeal with added ingredients is not. As a general rule, if the product you are buying has an ingredients list with more than one item you need to be careful. Unless the ingredients are seasonings like salt, vinegar, herbs, etc. (which are allowed), it is likely processed for the purposes of this challenge. So, if you like yogurt and don’t like it unsweetened, you’ll need to buy it plain and sweeten it naturally with fruit.

Note that since you can only gain points in this challenge, there is flexibility afforded to you. For example, if you are lactose intolerant, but like having “milk,” you can purchase minimally processed Almond milk and have it in your coffee. As long as you still have 3 whole food meals and 2 whole food snacks, you can still claim full meal and snack points for that day.

No Alcohol: If you complete an entire day without drinking any alcohol, you can claim 3 points.

No Refined Carbohydrates: For the purposes of this challenge, refined carbohydrates will be 1) any form of added sugar (fructose, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, honey, agave) and 2) any highly refined carbohydrate product (breads, bagels, muffins, pizza dough, pasta, etc.). There is a bit of overlap with added sugar and your whole food meals in that if the added sugars were in one of your meals/snacks, they would invalidate those points as well. So, this category is here for those that may want to sweeten things like coffee or tea (or buy sweetened beverages). If you can avoid these, you can claim an extra 3 points per day. Note, sugar substitutes like Stevia are allowed, but will similarly invalidate your whole food meal/snack points if consumed in the meal/snack.

Weekly Bonus Activity: There will be a special activity on each of weeks 2-7 of the challenge where you can earn extra points. The activity will be announced before that week begins and will end on the last day of that week. So, be prepared to make even further modifications to your nutrition as the challenge progresses!

Expectations: After registering for the challenge, you will be expected to:

• Join the CFHK Group on Facebook. The direct link is here:


• Buy a notebook to track your daily activities that earn you points. Activities should be logged daily in this manner as data will only be collected from Coach Hayden at the end of each week.

• Submit your official activity/points results each week by completing the SurveyMonkey survey emailed to you at the end of that week.

• Stay in contact with Coach Hayden during the challenge and keep him apprised of your progress and any issues that may arise. General questions that may benefit others should be posted to the CFHK Facebook group. Personal questions can be emailed to Hayden directly (

Calendar Dates: Below is a listing of dates and deadlines pertaining to the challenge. Note, attending the Introductory Seminar, Mid-Point Meet-Up and End of Challenge Party is not mandatory, but doing so will be fun and informative (and will earn you points as indicated above).

• Sunday, January 7th: Deadline to Register for the Challenge in MindBody

• Sunday, January 7th at 12pm: Challenge Introductory Seminar

• Monday, January 8th: First Day of Challenge Tracking!

• Sunday, February 4th at 12pm: Mid-Point Meet-up

• Sunday, March 4th: Last Day of Challenge Tracking!