Where your vision becomes reality

Investing in You

One of NYC’s original CrossFit facilities, CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen is home to Manhattan’s best gym. By providing a fitness experience designed in CrossFit’s original intention, we have forged a diverse, strong, like-minded community that comes together to make each individual fitness vision a reality.

Our community members--our athletes--are our success story. CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen invests in itself by investing in the people that walk through our doors every day. We achieve this by providing the best workouts and programming, bringing in and training highly qualified and motivating coaches, and striving for virtuosity in every respect. We set you up for success by giving the best of ourselves and expecting the best of you with every movement, every workout, at every session.

Our workouts are challenging but fun, our community members are tough but supportive, the coaches push your limits but motivate like no other. Let us invest in your and your fitness vision. Let’s work. Let’s get fit.

Hold the vision. Trust the process.

Jump. Run. Lift. Push. Pull. Do Work.

Manhattan’s Best Fitness Facility

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen’s facility is inspired by the industrial design of CrossFit’s original garage gym culture, but it’s also bright and upgraded with the best functional fitness equipment developed over the years with the growth of the sport of fitness. At 4,500 square feet, and with 24-foot ceilings, our space is lined with pull-up rigs, squat racks, Concept 2 rowers, air bikes, climbing ropes, medicine balls, and so much more. Our street-level location is prime Manhattan real estate for the best fitness facility around.

  • Top notch coaching and a blistering workout started my day off right! Definitely living the soul of CrossFit--no ego, down to earth coach & athletes, killer WOD! Loved it!

    Jill Perla Zamoyta

  • I am having the time of my life at CrossFit Hell's Kitchen. Anthony is so encouraging and makes you feel comfortable no matter what level you're at. And the other athletes that come are just as cool. It truly feels like a family of like-minded people with the same goals in mind. I'm looking forward to a long future here.

    Antoine L. Smith